How to make friends in senior living communities for NRIs

How to make friends in senior living communities for NRIs?

June 30, 2022


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Many NRI seniors are moving to senior living homes in India, searching for a more relaxed lifestyle and a sense of belongingness to their motherland. They are not only seeking good hospitality and care but also new friendships and meaningful connections. However, starting life over in a new place with new people can be a little intimidating. As one of the leading senior living communities for NRIs, we share a few useful tips for NRIs to make friends in senior living communities: 

  • Participate in community activities: To meet people with similar interests, seniors can participate in different activities. For instance, they can join group yoga sessions, meditation sessions, cooking classes, aerobic classes or even gym – as participating in these activities can help seniors meet new people in the community.  At our senior living communities, we conduct yoga classes, aerobic sessions, music concerts, movie screenings, and other activities which give our residents opportunities to meet like-minded residents.
  • Make daily meals a social event: In senior living communities for NRIs, daily meals are served in common dining halls. Seniors not only enjoy daily meals in the dining hall but they also get an opportunity to interact with other residents.
  • Invite fellow residents: Seniors can Invite neighbours to their homes for a cup of coffee or tea. To initiate meaningful conversations, they can talk about hobbies, interests, and new passions they want to pursue. If seniors do this with a few like-minded residents each week, soon they are likely to have a new circle of friends.
  • Spend more time in common areas: When seniors are new in a retirement home, spending more time in common areas such as clubhouse, activity centre, or swimming pool can help them strike a conversation with fellow residents. Seniors can even participate in indoor and outdoor games to foster new friendships.  


Looking for the best retirement homes for NRIs?  

If you are an NRI looking for a retirement home in India where you can spend your golden years feeling safe and supported, explore our senior living community for NRIs in Bangalore. The senior living community will offer unmatched senior-friendly amenities such as a spa, restaurant, swimming pool, senior-friendly gym, library, games room, and world-class healthcare from our partner hospital. Also, there will be clubs and facilities to cater to a wide range of hobbies and interests. The gated community will be monitored by CCTV and 24X7 security guards. To know more about our senior living community, book a virtual tour or call us at +91 8884555554.


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