How to manage headaches

How to manage headaches: tips for seniors curated by one of the leading senior citizen homes in Coimbatore

February 12, 2022


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Tension headaches, cluster headaches, and sinus headaches are some of the common headaches that seniors experience. These headaches are often accompanied by symptoms such as sensitivity to light or sound; nausea, and pain in the temples. However, headaches in older adults can often lead to far more serious consequences and, therefore, it is important that seniors know how to manage them. As one of the leading senior citizen homes in Coimbatore, we share some useful tips for seniors to manage headaches: 


  • Maintain a headache journal: Seniors experiencing frequent headaches must maintain a journal and note down the frequency, duration, and severity of the headaches. Maintaining a journal will help seniors track possible triggers. Eating certain foods, stress, alcohol intake, or lack of sleep are some factors that can trigger frequent headaches. 
  • Identify triggers: Instead of self-diagnosing the problem, seek a doctor’s help. Reviewing the journal with a doctor can help provide clues about what might be triggering the headaches. 
  • Monitor the symptoms: Seniors must remember that headaches are often hard to diagnose. Monitoring the early symptoms can be helpful to seek timely medical assistance. 
  • Follow the treatment plan: Managing headaches may require medication, lifestyle changes, or both. Seniors must follow the doctor’s recommendations. From taking medication on time to ensuring that they are getting enough rest and fluids, seniors can manage triggers and reduce, if not completely avoid, severe headaches. 
  • Maintain a healthy routine: When it comes to managing headaches, sleep and diet also play an important role. Seniors must follow a good sleeping routine – they should avoid screen time before bed and sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Regular mealtimes can help keep headaches, especially migraines, at bay.  Some seniors also find having smaller, more frequent meals better for managing headaches. 
  • Exercise regularly:  Seniors suffering from regular headaches must do some form of exercise, be it yoga, aerobics, or jogging. It has been found that exercise can help people manage migraines. As regular exercise can help regulate one’s sleeping and eating routines, it can be an important factor in managing headaches. 

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