Insights on lifelong learning from one of the leading retirement homes in Pondicherry

Insights on Lifelong Learning from One of The Leading Retirement Homes in Pondicherry

February 13, 2021


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A simple definition of lifelong learning is that it is “development after formal education: the continuing development of knowledge and skills that people experience after formal education and throughout their lives.”  Lifelong learning offers a host of benefits to people as they age – from reducing the risk of cognitive decline and making new social connections to coping with age-related decline. As one of the leading retirement homes in Pondicherry, we encourage our residents to expand their knowledge and skills through various creative and mentally stimulating activities. In addition to conducting activities such as art and craft sessions, we host Sanskrit classes, Carnatic music classes and other activities that help our residents learn new skills. We have a well-stocked library and reading clubs where our residents can learn new things and share their knowledge with other like-minded residents.

Here we discuss why lifelong learning is important for ageing well:

  • Keeps brain active:
    As people grow older, their body shows signs of slowing down. From feeling tired to “slips of the mind” – ageing affects a person’s health in different ways. Learning a new skill helps seniors ward off age-related cognitive decline and a growing body of evidence suggests the same. According to a research by Baycrest Health Sciences, learning to play a musical instrument has a positive effect on an individual’s listening and hearing skills.
  • Boosts confidence:
    Whether you are trying to pick up a new language or learning to knit, it makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your self- confidence. As you grow older, you tend to lose your self-confidence, become more withdrawn and less active. But when you learn a new skill, it reminds you that you are still capable of accomplishing new things.
  • Expands social circle:
    When you are attending a class or a lecture, you find yourself surrounded by people with similar interests. As you grow older, your social circle tends to get smaller. Learning a new skill gives you the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new social connections.

At Columbia Pacific Communities, we make it easy for our residents to get involved in lifelong learning opportunities. Get in touch with our team to know more about our senior living facilities in India.

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