5 common fears that elderly people face

5 common fears that elderly people face

January 29, 2022


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Retirement is one of the biggest transitions seniors go through in their lives. However, these golden years of life come with certain fears. Here we discuss some common fears that seniors face, along with tips to help overcome them: 


  • Loss of independence: A common fear that seniors have is that of losing their independence due to health issues or age-related limitations. Living as independently as possible is important for seniors to maintain a high quality of life.
  • Personal safety and security: As people age, their concerns for their personal safety and security grow. Living alone or issues with hearing, vision, or mobility can leave seniors more fearful in their own house. They have fears about break-ins or meeting with an accident at home, with no access to help. 
  • Deteriorating health: It is common for seniors to worry about their health. Not being able to exercise or cook healthy meals can further contribute to the fear. 
  • Lack of routine: Though many seniors look forward to a retired life, they do not know what to do with so much free time. Not having a routine can exacerbate feelings of anxiety. Having a regular routine helps seniors take better care of themselves and form healthy habits.  
  • Increased loneliness: Many seniors lose friends and spouses as they age. Children often move away and become involved with their own lives. With no professional commitments and fewer opportunities for social interaction, seniors often fear social isolation. 

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