Learning a new language in later life

Learning a new language in later life: useful insights by Serene Amara by Columbia Pacific

July 20, 2023


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For seniors, learning a new language has many benefits. It not only improves their communication skills but also offers numerous cognitive, cultural, and social advantages. If you are looking for tips on learning a new language, here is a useful read. As one of the leading retirement homes in India, we provide you with helpful tips to support your language learning journey:

1. Positive mindset: Having a positive mindset is important when you start learning a new language. Before you begin, tell yourself that you can do it, even if you are not completely sure yet. Being positive helps you make progress. Remember, you have some advantages on your side. You are motivated to learn, you know how to study, and you can choose materials that you find interesting. You can also figure out what works best for you. Also, you have already learned one language, which means you know how to memorise and study. These factors will help you learn a new language as a senior.

2. Set realistic and specific goals: It is important to ask yourself what you want to achieve and by when. Breaking down language learning into manageable goals that can be achieved within a few months is motivating and practical. While it is natural to feel enthusiastic at the beginning, aiming for fluency right away may not be the best approach. Instead, consider setting tangible and specific goals.

3. Try to incorporate the language you are trying to learn into your daily life: Start with children’s books or language magazines in the language you are learning. You can also try reading a favourite novel in your new language. It will improve your reading skills and vocabulary. Play music in the language you are learning as background music or make it the main focus of your study sessions. It helps with pronunciation and getting used to the sounds of the language. Also, watch movies and TV shows in the language you are learning. Choose podcasts designed for language learners or find native podcasts that interest you. It improves listening skills and exposes you to natural conversations.

4. Read for pleasure: Reading exposes you to a wide range of vocabulary that may not come up in everyday conversations. It also helps you become familiar with complex grammatical structures that might otherwise seem confusing. Finishing your first book in a foreign language is a significant milestone that you will cherish and remember for a long time.

5. Understand that learning a new language takes time: The process may feel challenging at first, but rest assured that there will come a point when everything starts to make sense. Making connections between words and retaining information will become easier as you progress.

6. Interact with native speakers: It is important to actively engage in conversations with native speakers. Simply studying from books or resources without application will not result in progress. Although it may feel uncomfortable or even embarrassing at times, it is important to make an effort to communicate with native speakers in their language.

Leading retirement communities in India actively encourage and promote the learning of new languages. These communities provide resources, language classes, conversation groups, and language exchange programmes, creating a supportive environment for seniors to embark on their language learning journey. By fostering a love for language learning, retirement communities empower seniors to continue growing, expanding their horizons, and embracing new linguistic skills.

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