Retirement homes for NRIs

Looking for retirement homes for NRIs: check these insights

April 19, 2022


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Many NRIs are now retiring comfortably in India as there has been a rise in luxurious retirement homes – where they can be a part of a vibrant, friendly community and enjoy life at their own pace. If you are  looking for retirement homes for NRIs, check these useful insights:  

1. Choosing the right location: Where do you envision yourself retiring? Is it the mountains or the city? Many NRIs prefer retiring in their hometown where they have strong roots. However, this is just one aspect of choosing the right location. Some of the other important factors to consider at the time of zeroing in on the location include: 

  • Proximity to family 
  • Pleasant weather 
  • Access to amenities 
  • Secure neighbourhood  


2. Modern amenities: Look for retirement homes that offer amenities that suit your lifestyle. Leading senior living communities for NRIs such as ours offer a host of amenities to help residents lead a fulfilling lifestyle post retirement. For instance, at The Virtuoso, Budigere Cross, Bengaluru, our residents will have access to amenities such as a senior-friendly swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, laundry service, banquet service, fitness centre, movie theatre, dining services, concierge, spa, in-house salon, and business centre.

3. Average cost of living: Many retirement homes such as ours offer services such as housekeeping, meals, maintenance, laundry service, and concierge for a monthly fee. It is important to check the average monthly fee before making the purchase decision.

4. Safety: When you are looking for retirement homes, make sure that your apartment or villa is designed with senior safety in mind. The doors should be large enough to allow easy use of a wheelchair or walker. The apartments should have emergency protocols in place and there should be a panic button in each apartment so that immediate help can be sought when needed. The bathrooms, bedrooms, and other common areas should be senior-friendly with anti-skid tiles. There should be grab bars installed at appropriate places. The premium living spaces at The Virtuoso, Budigere Cross, Bengaluru, are designed keeping in mind the needs and comforts of seniors.

5. Security: Make sure that the retirement community you choose has security measures such as CCTV and manned entry and exit points. The security team at The Virtuoso, Budigere Cross, is highly trained and there are cutting-edge security systems and CCTV cameras in place to ensure uncompromised safety and privacy.

6. Access to healthcare facilities: Select a retirement home that not only has medical emergency protocols in place but also ensures easy access to quality and timely healthcare.  At The Virtuoso, Budigere Cross, Bengaluru, the routine check-ups and healthcare needs are a priority.

7. Book a virtual tour: As an NRI, it may not be possible for you to visit each and every shortlisted retirement home. You can book a virtual tour with us to see what your retirement life can look like. Call us at +91 8884555554 for more information.


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