Movies to watch with your grandkids

Movies to watch with your grandkids

March 15, 2022


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For many seniors, watching movies with their grandchildren is a great way to bond with the little ones and spend some quality family time. Movie-watching is also a great way for seniors to teach their grandkids about human emotions and new cultures. If you enjoy watching movies with your grandchildren and are looking for a new list of movies, check this read: 


  • Stanley ka Dabba: The movie captures the essence of school days, especially the lunch break. The film revolves around the innocent days of childhood and the love that adults and children have for food. This is a heart-warming movie that you will enjoy watching with your grandkids. 
  • Taare Zameen Par: The film is about a child suffering from a learning disability and the struggles that he faces at school for not being able to cope with his studies. The film delivers an important message that every child learns differently. Though the film focuses primarily on the child, the message that it sends out is universal – everyone has a hidden talent. 
  • E.T.: An 80s classic, this film is about a young boy who finds an alien hiding in his house. The story revolves around the boy and his attempts to help the stranded alien find his way back home. Whether your grandkids are teenagers or young, they will enjoy this film that has been a long-time family favourite.
  • Blue Umbrella: Though it is often referred to as a children’s movie, the film is for adults too. Based on a story written by Ruskin Bond, this film is about a little girl who has a beautiful blue umbrella and how the entire village envies her for possessing it. The movie delivers a profound message that even the worst human beings need to be accepted and forgiven.

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