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Podcasts for Senior Citizens: Useful Insights Curated by One of the Leading Senior Citizen Homes in India

October 19, 2021


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During the pandemic, podcasts emerged as an important information technology and entertainment tool. In India, podcast consumption witnessed a surge of 29.3%. After the US and China, India is the third-largest consumer of podcasts. One of the reasons behind the growing popularity of podcasts is the convenience they offer to their listeners. One can listen to podcasts wherever and whenever they have time. They can also listen to podcasts doing everyday chores such as gardening or organising their closet. 


Podcasts not only entertain and inspire but also boost brain health 


Listening to podcasts has many benefits including – 

  • Entertainment: Listeners find podcasts entertaining because of their conversational and engaging style.
  • Valuable insights to inspire them: There are many podcasts that are inspiring. They are designed to help seniors stay motivated. 
  • Great educational tool: Be it current events or historical events, podcasts help seniors grow their knowledge. 
  • Boosts brain health: Listening to narrative stories (much like podcasts) is good for  brain health as it stimulates multiple parts of the brain.  


If you are new to podcasts, you are on the right page. As one of the senior citizen homes in India, we discuss some useful insights on podcasts 


Where can seniors listen to podcasts? 

To listen to podcasts, you need access to the internet and find a podcast platform or an app. You can listen to podcasts on your smartphones, computers, tablets or any other digital devices. There are several apps where you can stream or download podcasts. Some popular ones include: 

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Google Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Audible
  • Stitcher
  • TuneIn Radio


What makes podcasts so interesting? 

Unlike audiobooks, podcast episodes generally consist of conversations between two or more individuals. There is no narration, rather a conversation that makes the episodes engaging. 


Choose a topic that interests you:


Here we discuss some of the popular podcast genres: 


1. History podcasts: If you are a history buff who loves delving deep into how different events and figures, big and small, fit together to create the world that we see now, you will love listening to history podcasts. Hardcore History, You Must Remember This, and BackStory are some popular history podcasts that you can listen to. 


2. Health-related podcasts: Listening to experts discuss common health problems that affect people over 60 and the best ways to prevent and manage different health conditions can be encouraging and helpful. The Better Health While Ageing offers feature topics on healthy eating and common age-related medical issues. 


3. Hobby podcasts: If you want to try new hobbies such as writing a blog or learning to paint, you can start listening to podcasts that will help you dive deeper into the subject. Many podcasts are hosted by experts and they offer useful insights. Podcasts such as The Potters Cast, The Perceptive Photographer, and The Yarniacs help people delve into hobbies such as pottery, photography, and knitting respectively. 


4. Interview podcasts: Those who love celebrity interviews will enjoy listening to Anupama Chopra Film Reviews. Another podcast that seniors may find interesting is Made In India – it highlights the best works by renowned artists from all over the country. 


5. Food podcast: If you love exploring Indian cuisines, you will love listening to podcasts that celebrate Indian cuisines and the traditions associated with them. Some of the popular food podcasts are Bite On This, The Taste Of India, and Rasoi Ki Rani. 


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