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Simple exercises to improve quality of sleep

February 6, 2022


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As people age, they often experience changes in their sleeping patterns. The disturbed sleep pattern can leave them waking up tired every day. However, poor sleep quality does not have to become a normal part of ageing. It has been proven that through appropriate exercises, seniors can improve their quality of sleep and increase its duration.  As one of the leading retirement homes in Coimbatore, we share with you a few exercises that can help you sleep better: 


  • Yoga: A light-intensity exercise, yoga is an ideal way to start and end your day. There are many restorative yoga poses such as twisted roots pose and sleeping butterfly pose that relieve stress and can help you sleep better. Always consult your doctor before starting a new yoga regimen.
  • Power walking: Regular walking offers myriad physical and mental health benefits, including reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Walking briskly during the day can help improve sleep at night. A study shows that middle-aged adults and older adults who brisk-walk experience better sleep quality.
  • Strength training: You can consider adding strength training exercises to your exercise routine to improve your quality of sleep. A study suggests that basic muscle-strengthening done over a week was associated with better sleep quality. However, avoid intense workouts late in the evening as that may disrupt sleep. A shorter or less intense strength training session before bed can be beneficial for sleep. Seniors with mobility and balance issues can practice sit-down exercises that help build their strength and burn calories.
  • Chair aerobics: Doing chair-based exercises has shown improved sleep quality among the elderly. Seniors who are struggling to sleep can benefit from chair aerobics, which involves rhythmic movements of arms and feet, performed while sitting in a chair. When performing chair-based exercises, always use a sturdy chair with armrests. 

  • Our senior citizen homes in Coimbatore are designed to encourage residents to stay physically active. We have fully equipped gyms, indoor game rooms, and open spaces with tiled jogging paths. Also, at our senior citizen homes in Coimbatore, residents participate in yoga sessions, dance classes, and other social activities that blend fun and exercise. To know more about our senior citizen homes, call us at +9188845 55554.


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