Why Smiling is Good for Your Health? Interesting Insights Curated by a Resident of a Premium Community Living

Why Smiling is Good for Your Health? Interesting Insights Curated by a Resident of a Premium Community Living

February 17, 2021


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A smile can make your day. But do you know that smiling has many health benefits? A study of baseball card photos taken in 1952 revealed that the smiling players lived longer than their non-smiling counterparts. Not only does a smile lighten your mood, but it has the potential to boost your physical health. To give you more reasons to smile, we at Columbia Pacific Communities, one of the leading senior living communities in India, have curated interesting insights on smiling. So here we go:

  • Boosts immune system:
    A happy face can lift your mood and relax your body; this helps to boost immunity. Not many may know that laughing increases immunity cells and infection-fighting antibodies.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety:
    When you laugh, the after-effects of that laughter stay with you for long. Laughing is not just a simple act. It is an act that relaxes the body, releases tension in muscles and also increases feel-good hormones. An increase in feel-good hormones naturally translates into less reduced stress and anxiety.
  • Eases pain:
    Well, you must have heard that smiling through painful situations is good. Well, it is actually true. Laughter releases endorphins that are responsible for triggering positive feelings. They are also the body’s natural pain reliever. Laughter helps to lessen the perception of pain.
  • Good for cognitive function:
    When the brain experiences stress and anxiety, it can find it difficult to retain new information. However, laughter reduces stress and anxiety. This promotes better cognitive function, helping the brain to learn new thing and make new memories.
  • It is a good cardio workout:
    A hearty laugh is no less than a workout. When you laugh, there are many organs that get stimulated. From your lungs to your heart, from your abdomen to your face, each organ gets a little bit of exercise. Laughter improves your intake of oxygen which can actually benefit your respiratory health. A good laugh also causes the brain to release endorphins that help keep stress and anxiety at bay.
  • Lowers blood pressure:
    With age comes the challenge of controlling blood pressure. Laughing not only has a positive impact on your mood but it also improves blood circulation. So, laughter has the potential to keep your heart happy.

Laughter indeed is the best medicine. With so many health benefits, it is best to laugh and let the world around you laugh with you.

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