Happiness Tips for Seniors Living in Community Living Facility

Happiness Tips for Seniors Living in Community Living Facility

January 2, 2021


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There are plenty of reasons to seek happiness. Seniors who are happy show a better response to vaccination, according to a study by the University of Nottingham. Another study found that happy people tend to live a longer and healthier life than their unhappy peers. Living a happy and fulfilling life is a goal that applies to everyone. However, as one ages, one becomes isolated and often depressed. Living in a senior community ensures that residents enjoy a fun and active lifestyle with like-minded people of similar age.

Here are a few activities that help increase happiness –

  • Walking:
    Physical activity is an important part of remaining healthy and happy as one ages. Brisk walking has been associated with a multitude of health benefits such as better heart health, better emotional health, better memory, and a longer life. Many senior living communities have beautifully landscaped grounds with senior-friendly walkways. Seniors can participate in the walking groups and meet other residents who are enthusiastic about health and fitness.
  • Reading:
    Though reading can be solitary, it is shown to improve happiness and wellbeing as per a study by the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society (CRILS). Our senior living communities have well-stocked libraries offering stories that take the readers from the world of Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective in novels by English writer Agatha Christie to the exciting journey of successful entrepreneurs. The community library also offers residents an opportunity to socialise within the community. With wide-open spaces and comfortable seating arrangements, the library and reading rooms at our communities provide an ideal setting for the bookworms to enjoy their favourite books.
  • Travelling:
    New travel experiences is associated with positive emotions, according to a study by the journal Nature Neuroscience. Living in a retirement community offers its residents the security that a gated community offers which means they can ‘lock up and leave’ any time the travel bug gets them. With 24*7 security and maintenance staff, senior residents know that their home is taken care of and their neighbourhood is secure. Many senior living communities arrange for exciting outings for their residents. From organizing day trips to museums and art galleries to arranging weekend trips to the rural countryside – the best senior living communities in India are helping their residents enjoy new experiences that make them happy.

With less worries and no household chores to tend to, you are free to do more of what you enjoy. If you are planning to move into a retirement community, we hope you will visit us. Our residents lead active and fulfilling lives through participation in activities related to fitness and health, arts and crafts, reading and spiritual faith, cooking and baking, music and movies and much more!


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