6 Steps to Healthy, Happy Ageing

6 Steps to Healthy, Happy Ageing

December 7, 2020


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Old age is a great time to sit back and enjoy life as you have all the freedom to do things that you have always wanted to do. But to enjoy your golden years to the fullest, you need to stay healthy and happy. By adopting the following 6 tips, you can take baby steps towards happy aging: 


1.Get active: Physical activity has many benefits, regardless of age. But when you grow old, the body’s metabolism tends to slow down. Being physically active can help you rev up your metabolism. There is a long list of health benefits when it comes to regular exercising including boosting your strength and balance. At a community living facility like ours, we encourage seniors to be as active as possible. We have trained physiotherapists who customize exercise plans as per your physical ability and your interests. Our community living facilities also have a fully-equipped gym, yoga, and aerobics deck. 


2.Eat a healthy diet: As you age, your diet needs change. Having a diet that caters to your nutritional needs is the best way to stay healthy. At our retirement homes, we make sure that the residents get fresh and nutritious meals cooked in home-style. The food is prepared in hygienic conditions and made keeping the health of the residents in mind. There are regular review meetings with the F&B team so that you can give them feedback regarding the menu. Those who feel like ordering in can have their meals delivered at the doorstep. 


3.Have a routine: You may feel a little odd that suddenly you have all the time in the world. This for many people is not a good feeling to struggle with. Structuring your day can help you relax and pick new hobbies. Be it activities or exercising, sticking to a routine can help you prioritize your time better and enjoy doing things more consciously. At a community living facility like ours, the calendar is always buzzing with activities. We have clubhouses where you can take part in indoor and outdoor games or join a fitness club or attend lectures. We host movie screenings, music concerts, lectures, and workshops. There is something for everyone. 


4.Stay connected with people of your age: Going to places or joining activities where you will find people of your age can be a great stress buster. We make sure people have enough opportunities to socialize and interact with each other. Be it dining together or community events, there are several platforms for the residents to strike a conversation and share a laugh. 


5.Do what you love doing: To avoid boredom and loneliness, it’s important that you do things you love the most. Gardening, painting, learning a new language or learning to play a musical instrument, cooking, etc are some of the activities that will not only give a sense of achievement but they are also great for social life. 


6.Keep a positive attitude: Leaving your old life behind and starting a new chapter can be intimidating. The best way to embrace this change is to stay positive. The golden years of life come with freedom as well as restrictions. It is best to embrace the two wholeheartedly.  



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