Birthday musings

August 10, 2019


Categories : Poems by our residents


Birthday is a day of joy and celebration

Not just with feast but in kind and frolic

Not because it is a day one is born

It is a proof one has lived another year

with nothing but the grace of god


It is a day to look back and see

What we did; good or evil

How we lived, rightly or wrongly

Rejoice for right and repent for wrong

Resolve to do good in place of evil.


Commit to a life of virtues and values

Recharging sagging spirit and

Rededicate to living right

Forsake vanity and snobbishness

Grow humble and humane.


Make every moment worth gold

Making oneself immortal

When the soul departs body, so dear to it

In its sojourn to an unknown place

Never to come back again

For dear and near ones to see

Leaving everything hoarded over a lifetime.


This blog post is by Dr A. Sreekumar Menon, resident of Serene Urbana by Columbia Pacific Communities.

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