August 5, 2019


Categories : Poems by our residents


I look light and clean in my place
I live in what you call as sky or space
I am admired by all as I am beautiful
I am adored by all as I am dutiful.


It has been a long time since I visited
My only love whom from far I gazed
Wearing blue and green canopy encased
In splendid colors making all stand dazed.


Let me visit my lovely mountain spread
All white and pristine makes me glad
But what horror is this, it looks bad
Littered with rubbish and looks so sad


Let me move to see my serene flowing river
Nourishing and cherishing people all over
Oh! Why she looks so dirty and dried up ever
Polluted with sewage and plastic covers.


I am thankful that I am clean and white
But what is this! my body has changed in a trite
To black and ugly with soot and looks a sight
Giving a blow to my beauty, pride and might.


When will I become beautiful and clean
Regain my pristine form as I bemoan
People of Earth, I plead with you anon
Nurture all of us nature as we have been.


Avoid throwing rubbish on my mountains
Stop sending sewage in my gentle rivers
Please stop cutting down trees of my forests
Kindly keep my sky and space livable always.


This blog post is by Uma Maheshwari, resident of Serene Pelican by Columbia Pacific Communities.

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