My Queen

November 22, 2019


Categories : Poems by our residents


Dedicated to my heavenly wife R. Mala.


I’m not myself, when you are here

As you fill my heart with happiness

I feel as if I’m sitting on an ivory tower

I wish, I wish joyfully to reach heaven


I’m not myself, when you are away

As I miss you, miss you so much

I feel as if I’m a forsaken lamb

I hate, I hate sadly to reach hell


I’m always myself, when things happen

As I make them, make them happen

I feel happy, happy to be with my loved one

I wish to have my loved one always near me


I’m never myself when things fail to happen

As I let them, let them fail miserably

I feel bad, bad for letting them fail

I regret, I regret just to be an onlooker


I’m neither myself nor myself as I look at myself

I’m either myself or myself when you look at me

I’m yours, yours, as I see an angel in you

I’m barren without you, as you are my queen.




This blog post is by resident A Ramasami, resident of Serene Pelican by Columbia Pacific Communities.


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