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Active meditation: check out these useful insights curated by a senior living home in Bangalore

April 17, 2021

Categories : Senior Health Tips

Senior Living Tips

There are many elderly people who struggle to sit still for long. If you are one among them, active meditation may be the right self-healing technique for you. You have all the benefits of meditation without sitting in one place. As one of the best senior living homes in Bangalore, we discuss some useful insights on active meditation: Meditation is not a chore: Anyone who has tried meditation before knows how difficult it can be to sit for long and gather thoughts. When you approach it as a chore, it becomes all the more difficult. It is for this reason that many elderly people are embracing meditation through movement. You can have a mini meditative session whenever you want. The key is to focus on what you are doing and what it feels like. Conscious breathing exercises, mindful walking and yoga are some great ways to still the mind while your body is moving. Active meditation helps to ease stress, improve sleep, and promote positive well-being. Practising active meditation can help you feel calmer and more focused. Reduce anxiety with mindful breathing: On an average, a human being breathes 24,000 times a day. But how many of us are consciously aware of those breaths? Poor breathing practices can lead to a host of health problems. High blood pressure, increased stress levels, suppressed immunity and increased susceptibility to illness are some of them. Taking just a few moments each day to practice deep breathing helps your mind and body to relax and also keeps a host of health problems at bay. If you are new to active meditation, conscious breathing is a great place to start with. You just need to take out 60 to 90 seconds to practise conscious breathing anywhere you want. But this isn’t the only form of active meditation you can do on the move, there are many more that we will discuss further. Mindful walking: Turn your daily walk into an intentional meditation session. To practise walking meditation, all you need to do is take deep breaths and walk. Be mindful of each breath and every step you take. Mindful walking offers many benefits, both physical and psychological. Yoga: Yoga is perhaps the most widely practised form of active meditation. It involves slow breathing that is in sync with the body’s movement. You can combine strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation. You can actively meditate no matter where you are. Being more mindful in the moment can help you find enjoyment in even the mundane things in life.

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Loneliness And Aging Important Facts And Insights To Check

December 8, 2020

Categories : Ageing Tips | Senior Living Tips

Loneliness can hit seniors particularly hard. Factors like the death of a spouse, children moving away, and poor physical health can make it difficult for seniors to stay connected with others. Here are some facts and insights about loneliness and aging:     Loneliness has a negative impact on physical health: Loneliness is not just an unpleasant experience but it can also significantly affect a senior’s overall health, including their physical health. The feelings of loneliness are associated with an increase in cortisol, a stress hormone.  An increase in this hormone can weaken the immune system.     Loneliness increases the risk of depression: Connecting with others is not just a way of passing time, but it also helps in building strong emotional bonds. Lack of social interaction can often lead to depression. According to a 2016  study, lonely people are more prone to depression. The best way to keep loneliness at bay is by being a part of something that you enjoy doing. Picking up a new hobby or taking part in the community events can help you battle loneliness in a better way.     Loneliness raises the risk of dementia: Similar to the effect loneliness has on physical health, it also affects mental health. Loneliness is linked to a higher risk of dementia. Social isolation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic has put older adults at greater risk of feeling lonely. To help combat this, our retirement homes at Columbia Pacific Communities are engaging the residents through virtual activities and contests.           To help combat loneliness, senior citizen housing complexes at Columbia Pacific Communities, encourage the residents to socially engage in various activities such as yoga classes, exercises, movie screenings, and workshops. We provide our residents with a supportive and understanding environment where they can socially connect with people their age.  Our wellness team at the community helps residents talk to friends and family through video chats. Our communities also have a multi-purpose hall where one can host birthday parties and dinners. 

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