The Blind

October 21, 2019


Categories : Poems by our residents


We can neither see smiling faces

Nor recognise grieving faces

We can neither see happy faces

Nor recognise angry faces

We can neither see excited faces

Nor recognise depressed faces

We can neither see daylight

Nor recognize the dark night.


We can neither see amorous eyes

Nor recognise wicked eyes

We can neither see questioning eyes

Nor recognise demanding eyes

We can neither see expressive eyes

Nor recognise mesmerising eyes

We can neither see happy eyes

Nor recognise wet eyes.


We cannot see the sun

Can feel its heat

We cannot see the moon

Can feel its coolness

We cannot see a droplet of rain

Can feel the moisture of the droplet

We cannot see waves at the shore

Can hear them crash.


We cannot see delicacies

Can taste the deliciousness

We cannot see flowers

Can smell flowers

We cannot see animals

Can hear them bark and roar

We cannot see cold ice

Can feel the coldness of ice.


We are god’s special children

We are differently talented

We are visionless people

We are the eyes of the world.


This blog post is by resident A Ramasami, resident of Serene Pelican by Columbia Pacific Communities.

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