Unsung war heroes

August 5, 2019


Categories : Poems by our residents


Sneaking sun rays, making glitter
Snow bound, Himalayan glaciers
Sound of bullets, deafening the ears
Sincere soldiers, silently tread
Safeguarding the people of India


Death in front, devilish ice, chilling the body
Dedication in mind, deadly weapons in hand
Daring enemies, when will assault?
Dangling question ever in the brain
Drafting a plan to drive out the usurper


Hearty wife of native village in the heart
Healthy thoughts of kith and kin
Happily energizing the vital organs
How to combat, to kill the enemy
Having experienced many a war


Unstinted faith, undeterred will power
Uniting all men of uniform together
Understanding well, the skill of each other
Up, up, marching above the silvery clouds
Utmost alert in the Himalayan peaks


Strategy of border security force (BSF)
Shots of sounding gun, targeting the enemy
Soldiers of alien force meeting the end
Sounding drums, trumpeting national anthem
Saluting the tricolor flag with profound pride


Alleviating fear of insecurity from the holy nation
Accepting in the chest, the bullets of enemy
Achieving the task of saving the border
Alas, alas, armed men of great nation
Ascending heavenly abode from Himalayas


Widows and children of war heroes
Will or no, digesting their non existent
Worshippable deities of mother land
What next? Let us, the people of holy nation
Wake up to lit light to lift heirs of unsung war heroes.


This blog post is by Anna Mohan, resident of Serene Pelican by Columbia Pacific communities

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