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Aging Parents: Is independent living safe for seniors?

December 8, 2020


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As your parents are aging, they may be toying with the idea of relocating to a place where they can be with others their age. Well, if your parents are physically and mentally healthy to live independently, then many senior citizen homes in India offer independent apartments and can be a good choice to move to. If you are worried about the safety of such arrangements, here’s a useful read for you –  


  1. Security is a top priority: Senior citizen homes in India ensure that they provide a secure environment to the residents. At a time, when security of seniors is a concern in India, a retirement home with robust security in place can be a good option for seniors whose children either stay in different cities or have moved abroad. At our retirement homes, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure that residents’ security and safety remains uncompromised. CCTV camera, firefighting equipment and trained professionals safeguard the premises.  

  2. Safety solutions are in place: As your parents age, they face a number of safety obstacles. The apartments in senior citizen homes in India are designed keeping in mind the needs of the seniors. The bathrooms have non-skid tiles with grab bars installed near the toilet and wash basin. Bathrooms are spacious enough for seniors to enter with a walker or walking aid. When it comes to our senior citizen homes in India, not just the bathroom but the entire community has been created keeping in mind the needs of seniors. To know how our senior citizen homes in India are leveraging innovative and responsive design solutions to keep the residents safe, get in touch with us.  


Round-the-clock care: If you are worried about who will look after your parents should a health emergency arise, then let us inform you that today, senior citizen homes in India have health care facilities available. At our retirement homes in India, we not only have emergency care facilities on the premises but we also provide adequate and continuous preventive care.  

We hope that after reading this you are relieved to know that independent living is safe for your aging parents! Want to know more? Get in touch with us.  


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