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Common Myths about Ageing Debunked by a Senior Citizen Home in Coimbatore

April 18, 2021


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When people reach a certain age, they often believe that they are too old to do certain things such as starting a new career after retirement or pursuing new hobbies. However, there are many senior adults who are defying that notion and not letting their age dictate their life choices. As one of the best senior citizen homes in Coimbatore, we bust some common ageing myths and challenge the long-standing assumptions associated with ageing:

  • Too old to change careers: Did you know that actor Boman Irani debuted at the age of 44? Entrepreneur GR Gopinath launched his airlines Air Deccan when most people start planning for retirement. National shooting champion Chandro Tomar started shooting when she was in her 60s. The list goes on. We understand that making a new start at any age can be challenging. However, if you embrace everything as a new adventure, it’s true that anything is possible in life.
  • Too old to exercise: If you follow Senior Olympics, you would know that age is not an obstacle when it comes to exercising. Seniors can incorporate exercise into their daily routine by understanding and accepting their body’s limitations. With proper planning, you choose exercises that suit you. For instance, those with joint pain can plan an exercise regimen that has less impact on their joints. Regular exercising helps ageing adults improve their mental and physical health – both are important for leading an independent life.
  • Too old to start a hobby: Want to learn to play a musical instrument or learn a new language or learn salsa? Your age should not hold you back from discovering new hobbies and pursuing them. There have been studies that show learning new things can keep an aged person’s brain active and sharp.
  • Too old to make new friends: Friends are important at all stages of life. As you grow old and there are fewer familial and professional commitments, you will need the company of like-minded friends. Volunteering, joining a club or taking group lessons can help you make new friends.



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