Ergonomic kitchen tools for seniors: insights by one of the leading retirement homes in Bangalore

March 25, 2023


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Ergonomic kitchen tools are designed keeping in the safety and comfort of a user. These tools help seniors
cook while reducing physical strain on the arms, hands, and wrists. They also promote proper posture,
making them ideal for seniors with mobility issues. As one of the leading retirement homes in
Bangalore, we have curated a list of ergonomic tools that can make cooking easier and more comfortable
for seniors:

Non-slip cutting boards

Seniors need to be careful while cutting or chopping in the kitchen as
cuts and injuries may take longer to heal and can even lead to other complications. Seniors should
use non-slip cutting boards which are designed to prevent the board from moving or slipping
while they are cutting vegetables and fruits. Also, it is important that seniors take their time when
cutting or chopping, avoiding rushed or hasty movements.

Easy-grip kitchen utensils

Utensils with ergonomic grips make it easier for seniors to hold
and control the utensil, ensuring that it does not slip or slide during use. With easy-grip utensils,
seniors can cook using less force and pressure, reducing strain on the muscles and joints.

Jar and bottle openers

These tools are designed to open bottles or jars with ease, especially
for seniors who may have weakened grip strength. Using an opener can help seniors open a wide
range of bottles and jars without injuries such as cuts or strains. Certain jar openers feature a
grip-the-lid design while some are designed to be attached to countertop.

Electric can openers

Seniors can switch to electric can openers as they are easy to use,

requiring little effort or strength to operate. With simple controls and large buttons, electric can
openers make it easy for seniors to open cans with minimal effort.

Electric knife

Seniors can use electric knives to slice meat, bread, vegetables, and fruits with
minimal effort. For seniors suffering from mobility issues, an electric knife is a safe, easy-to-use,
and versatile tool. It can help seniors chop and slice textured and fibrous ingredients without
straining their hands.

Kitchen carts

A clutter-free kitchen is a safe space for cooking and food preparation. A kitchen
cart not only keeps the space organised but also makes it easier for seniors to access ingredients,
cooking tools, and utensils while cooking. Also, these carts provide additional counter space in the
kitchen. Kitchen carts come with attached wheels, making them easier to move around the
kitchen. Some kitchen carts are designed with adjustable height settings, letting seniors adjust the
height to their specific needs.

Adjustable height kitchen stool

These stools can be multipurpose. They not only provide a comfortable seating option, they can be also used as a step stool and a plant stand.

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