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Fun Classes for Senior Citizens to Take: Curated by Leading Senior Living Operator

August 27, 2021


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For many seniors, retirement represents an opportunity to pursue long-held hobbies they never had time to fully explore. As one of the leading senior citizen homes in India, we have curated a list of 10 fun classes that seniors can take after retirement. All these classes can be taken in person or online.


  • Learn a foreign language: Learning a new language is fun at any age. Attending language classes can help you meet new people and learn about new cultures and customs. 
  • Dance class: Dance classes are a great way to get your daily dose of cardio workout while you move and groove to your favourite music. From Classical, Ballet and Kathak, to Zumba —- there is a wide range of dance forms that you can start learning. 
  • Gardening classes: Whether you want to start your own kitchen garden or have a few pots on the balcony, learning gardening can be fun. There are many online gardening classes that help you understand the basics of gardening techniques and garden layout. 
  • Painting classes: Do you like to paint or want to take up painting as a hobby? You can enroll in painting classes to learn fabric painting, glass painting, freehand sketching, and block painting.  
  • Learn photography: Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of photography or want to hone your existing skills, there are several online and offline classes you can take. These classes can help you learn useful tips and tricks to make your photos stand out. 
  • Writing class: Writing can be a great creative outlet for seniors. Whether you want to start a blog or write a novel, a writing class is a great place to start with. 
  • Learn a craft: Whether it’s knitting, woodwork, pottery or quilting, learning a new craft can help you find a hidden talent. 
  • Music lessons: There is no age to learn music. Whether you want to take up vocal music or learn to play a musical instrument, it is never too late either to pick up the thread where you left or start all over again. 
  • Acting lessons: If you love to act, taking an acting lesson is a great opportunity to learn from experienced actors. 
  • Computer classes: Whether you want to stay in touch with your family and friends via social media or just want to learn how to navigate your laptop or computer for day-to-day activities, a computer class is a great way to keep abreast with the latest technologies. 

As a leading senior living community operator, we make sure that our retirement homes in India are perfect for seniors who are looking to make the most of their retirement years. Daily chores of our residents are handled by a team of professionals, so our residents can do more of what they love. It could be arts and crafts, playing or attending morning yoga classes, or going on excursions. To know more about our retirement homes, call us at  +91 8884555554.


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