Hair care tips for seniors

Hair care tips for seniors

March 14, 2022


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The only constant in life, is change – the older people get, the truer that statement becomes. Learning to live with the physical changes that ageing brings is also a part of becoming wiser. As people age, their hair colour and texture also change. To keep hair looking healthy after the 50s, one needs to follow a good hair care regimen. As a leading provider of services to senior citizen communities in India, we share a few hair care tips for seniors: 

  • Using the right shampoo: With age, hair loses pigment cells which in turn causes hair to turn grey or a dingy yellow. Cleansers that contain chemicals can further cause hair colour to fade and cause dryness, breakage, and split ends. To prevent ageing hair from damage, seniors should use cleansers and hair products that are mild and use natural ingredients instead of chemicals.
  • Healthy diet: It has been found that Vitamin E, C, Iron, B12, and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for hair health as they promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Seniors should add almonds, spinach, salmon, eggs, and oatmeal to their daily meals to support hair growth.  
  • Avoid washing hair too frequently: Washing hair frequently removes natural oils, leaving hair dry and brittle. Seniors need not shampoo every day – skipping a day or two between washing hair is good for hair. Leave-in conditioners, also known as co-wash, can also eliminate the need for daily shampooing for seniors. 
  • Use lukewarm water to wash hair: Washing hair keeps the scalp clean and protects it against skin infections. However, using hot water can leave the scalp and hair dry – it strips the scalp of its natural oils. 
  • Get a haircut regularly: For seniors, one of the best ways to keep hair manageable is to regularly go for grooming sessions. Also, they should choose a comfortable hairstyle that is easy to care for. Seniors can work with a hair expert to choose hairstyles that are face-flattering and at the same time, easy to maintain.  


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