Healthy hobbies for seniors

Healthy hobbies for seniors

December 27, 2021


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Leading a holistic lifestyle includes more than eating right and working out. It also includes making time for yourself and doing what you love. Spending time on activities that add joy and happiness to your daily routine can benefit your overall well-being. According to a study, actively engaging in healthy hobbies help older adults to preserve their cognitive function, physical function, and mental health. Hobbies also help seniors cope with stress, maintain a routine, and give structure to their days. 


As one of the best retirement homes in Bangalore, we share with you a list of healthy hobbies that are positively associated with physical and mental health benefits: 


  • Spend time with a pet:  Pets are great companions as they provide a comfort system. It has been found that simply petting an animal for 15 minutes can decrease cortisol levels (associated with increased stress). Moreover, pet owners, especially dog owners, walk more often and take longer walks than those who do not have pets. If you are not quite ready to adopt an animal, there are animal shelters that allow you to spend time with animals.

  • Try volunteering: You can dedicate your free time to local charities, fundraisers, and homeless shelters. When it comes to volunteering, there is a lot you can do — from feeding the less privileged ones and teaching students to volunteering at the local library. Studies show that adults above 50 who volunteer feel socially connected. Performing volunteer work also increases physical activity among seniors who are not otherwise very active.

  • Get involved in arts and crafts: Art and craft activities can help you express your inner thoughts and feelings. The process of turning a thought into a tangible piece of art keeps the brain active and provides a sense of accomplishment. It has been found that arts and crafts improve cognitive function and reduce depression levels significantly. Painting, sculpting, scrapbooking, and photography are some of the simple yet wonderful and contemplative creative activities that can offer tremendous benefits.

  • Get into gardening: Gardening is a good physical activity. Bending, squatting, and stretching can get your heart pumping. Many studies suggest that gardening increases an individual’s life satisfaction and is also associated with lower levels of stress, anger, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. 

      The Virtuoso, India’s first independent senior living community designed to international standards, will have a community planting patch on the rooftop. Also, there will be a podium at the table height to ensure that seniors do not have to bend too much to enjoy gardening. 


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      Living in one of our retirement homes in Bangalore will help you enjoy your retirement life to the fullest. As maintenance, housekeeping, and cooking are taken care of by our trained in-house staff, residents have all the time to do things they love. To know more about our retirement homes, call us at +91 8884555554.


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