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Break the Sedentary Cycle: Tips from one of the Best Retirement Homes in Bangalore

December 15, 2020

Categories : Senior Health Tips

Break the sedentary cycle: Tips from best retirement homes in Bangalore

Regardless of age, sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity are associated with numerous health risks. However, people over the age of 60 face unique challenges they lead a sedentary life. It not only affects their physical health but also their emotional wellbeing. As one of the best retirement homes in Bangalore, we believe in the benefits of happy and active living, at a pace our residents desire. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle, here are a few simple things you can do to enjoy an active and fulfilling retired life: Start with regular walks: One of the best ways to get yourself moving and stay physically active is to go for morning and evening walks. Being easy on the joints, walking helps you maintain a healthy weight and improves blood circulation. You can start with 15-minute walks, once in the morning and once at night. Our retirement homes in Bangalore have rubberised jogging paths to prevent falls and to support the knees. The walking and jogging paths are well-lit so that residents can walk at any time of the day. Join a senior-friendly gym: If you wish to be a bit more active, join a senior-friendly gym. With easy access to different equipment, you can try various age-appropriate exercise routines. You can also workout with a friend who can keep you motivated to stick to the gym routine. Our premium retirement community living facility in Bangalore has a gym powered with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength-training equipment for seniors. Reduce time spent sitting: The best way to break the sedentary lifestyle is to avoid sitting for long hours. While watching TV, you can do stretching exercises during commercial breaks. Move around the house while talking over the phone or do light household chores while standing. Start yoga and swimming: Yoga and swimming are ideal exercises for seniors. Without putting too much stress on joints, they help seniors gain flexibility. The best part about doing yoga is that it doesn’t leave one exhausted. At our premium senior living facility in Bangalore, we have aerobics and a yoga deck to help seniors relax and enjoy their workout sessions. Join a sports club: Our retirement homes have facilities for indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, billiards, and other games. The idea behind these is to ensure that our residents lead an active lifestyle.

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The Best Cities To Live After Retirement In India

December 5, 2020

Categories : Retirement Planning Tips

The best cities to live after retirement in India

Retirement can be an ideal opportunity to relocate to a more peaceful place that has favorable weather and offers all the comforts you seek after retirement. If you are envisaging a retired life not very different from a long vacation, here are five cities in India that are perfect for retirement.  Bengaluru   Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is one of the most sought-after retirement destinations. The city enjoys pleasant weather round the year and a good quality of life by offering a great social and commercial infrastructure. The best retirement homes in Bangalore have partnerships with nearby hospitals, so you are assured of round-the-clock care. Bengaluru is well-connected with other metro cities and offers a number of weekend travel options.  Chennai   Another city that is popular for retirement homes in India is Chennai. Situated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the best retirement homes in Chennai offer impeccable healthcare facilities along with trained staff to take care of residents at retirement homes. If you are looking for low cost of living and high quality of life, Chennai is a great option. It is well-known as the health capital of India, offering state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and quality nursing staff. The best retirement homes in Chennai help in organizing weekend trips for the residents of the retirement homes, which include providing vehicles on hire.  Coimbatore  Surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Western Ghats, Coimbatore is one of the preferred cities in India to settle after retirement. Blessed with year-round pleasant weather, you can settle for a peaceful life in this quiet city. The low level of pollution in the city also helps you live a long and healthy life. As Coimbatore is popular for retirement housing, the hospitals here provide all the necessary facilities for senior citizen healthcare.   Kanchipuram  Kanchipuram is a temple city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu with great historical significance. Located on the banks of the Vegavathy river, the serene city of Kanchipuram is one of the best cities to live after retirement. The weather here is generally nice and is relatively cooler in the evenings. The city offers a rich and vibrant culture, surrounded with temples adding to the quality of life. There are good hospitals in the locality. Weekend trips can be exciting.   Puducherry  Puducherry, a popular beach destination is also known for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville, which draws large numbers of visitors every year. Puducherry is connected to Chennai via the East Coast Road through Mahabalipuram and enjoys air and railway connectivity to other parts of the country. The environment is pollution free and the weather is pleasant. The beauty of the city lies in its crystal-clear beaches, French-style architecture, and a laid-back lifestyle. Healthcare facilities for the elderly are quite good in Puducherry. It is also well connected to popular weekend getaways in Southern India. 

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