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How can you connect with your older parents during the holidays?

December 19, 2021


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The holidays are a perfect time for family get-togethers, moments of connection, and making new memories. They offer the perfect opportunity to find moments of joy with your parents. As one of the leading retirement communities in India, we share with you some useful tips that will help you bond with your parents this holiday season:


  • Make them feel included: Help your parents become involved in the festivities. Ask their suggestions when selecting the menu and decor items for the holidays. Involving them in activities will get them excited about the holiday season and feel needed. 
  • Help them get ready: During the holiday season, everybody wants to look good. Contact their salon and book hair appointments and beauty treatments for them or help them shop outfits for the holidays.
  • Spend time with them looking at family photos: Take a look at the photo albums together and cherish those beautiful memories. 
  • Revive old traditions: Family traditions hold values and are passed down from one generation to the next. However, in today’s busy lifestyle, many family traditions get buried. This holiday season, revive old traditions and enjoy performing them with your parents.
  • Watch an old movie together: There is nothing like watching old films with your parents. Look for the movies that you watched with your parents when you were younger. You can even invite other family members for the movie night and share a laugh or two while watching the movie. 
  • Give them a surprise visit: If your parents live in a retirement home, surprise them by visiting. You can even throw them a party. Many modern retirement homes in India have banquet halls where you can throw a party for your parents.  

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