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How to start painting after retirement?

April 7, 2022


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After retirement, pursuing painting can improve a senior’s overall health. Studies show that painting reduces anxiety and stress. One of the most influential psychologists of all times, Carl Jung, said that creating a mandala can be calming and healing. Many seniors after retirement wish to pick up the paint brush but do not know where to begin. As one of the leading senior citizen homes in India, we share a few useful tips to help seniors start painting: 

  • Choose the right type of paint: Both watercolours and acrylics are great for painting. However, acrylic painting for beginners is an excellent choice – as acrylic dries fast and thus, if there are flaws in the work, they can be painted over.  
  • Pick up basic supplies: Sketchbook, graphite drawing pencils, kneaded eraser, art pencil sharpener, watercolour or acrylic paint, and paint brushes are some basic supplies that can help seniors start with painting. One can start with beginner supplies and then upgrade later on. Buying a colour wheel is also a good idea as it will give seniors an idea on how to mix primary colours to make secondary and tertiary colours. 
  • Join a class: Joining a painting class is a great way to learn the basics of painting and meet like-minded people. Learning with others, whether with people of the same age or young, can help seniors drop their apprehensions and start painting. 
  • Make painting a habit: Just like writing, pottery, or playing a musical instrument, painting too needs practice. For that, seniors have to make painting a part of their daily routine. Seniors can choose the most relaxing time of the day — it could be early mornings or late evenings —and start painting everyday things that inspire them. 

Pursue your hobbies after retirement at our senior citizen homes in India 

Nurturing one’s creative soul is essential for positive ageing. At our retirement communities, residents are encouraged to pursue creative activities. We host hobby classes for our residents where they share their love for painting, art, music, and dance with other like-minded residents. Call us +91 8884555554 to know more about our retirement communities and the amenities offered.


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