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Musical Instruments that Seniors Can Learn: Insights by One of the Leading Senior Citizen Homes in Chennai

October 13, 2021


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Retirement is the right time to learn to play a musical instrument. Learning to play an instrument is a constructive hobby for seniors, providing many physical and mental benefits such as – 


  • It boosts mental health: It has been found that playing a musical instrument reduces the incidence of cognitive impairment. When seniors learn musical instruments, they have to remember the musical notes – which improves their memory skills.
  • It acts as a stress reliever: Playing a musical instrument can alleviate stress. 
  • It gives a sense of purpose: When seniors start learning to play a musical instrument, it gives them a direction or sense of purpose. 
  • It offers an opportunity to socialise: Seniors who take part in group music sessions meet like-minded people and forge new friendships. 


As one of the leading senior citizen homes in Chennai, we have curated a list of musical instruments that are great for senior citizens to learn: 


1. Guitar: Seniors may face difficulties initially as they have to coordinate their fingers to create a firm grip on the strings. However, with practice, they will see improvement in their performance. One of the key benefits of learning guitar is improved fine motor skills. It is also good for mental health as it offers therapeutic benefits such as improved emotional strength and reduced stress. 


2. Drums:  Drums are the right musical instrument for seniors who are looking for a musical instrument that helps them express their emotions and feelings. It has been found that drumming  that triggers a positive feeling in the body. 


The physical stimulation of hitting the drums and the sound vibrations make people feel physically and mentally energetic. Also, drumming is a great workout for the body and brain. 


3. Piano: A versatile instrument like piano stimulates the brain and improves the ability to recall information. Practicing piano boosts cognitive health and improves fine motor skills. 


4. Harmonica: Though small, harmonica is a mighty instrument that produces melodious sounds. Seniors can benefit from playing a harmonica as it encourages the mind to remain active and alert. Also, it has been found that playing a harmonica can improve breathing control and is especially beneficial for those suffering from respiratory problems. 


Music can be a powerful tool for seniors to connect with people having similar interests. At our senior citizen homes in Chennai, we host music sessions that provide our residents with opportunities to learn and socialise at the same time. 


We encourage our residents to participate in activities that interest them, while our team handles the day-to-day chores like home maintenance, daily meals, and other time-consuming tasks. To know more about our senior citizen homes in Chennai, call us at +91 8884555554.


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