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Tips for Planning to Move to a Senior Citizen Home

April 14, 2021

Categories : Senior Living Tips

senior citizen homes in Bangalore

Many seniors prefer to remain in their own homes as they age. However, this is not always possible because of health or difficulty in maintaining the house. As a result, we are seeing a growing number of older adults proactively choosing to move to senior citizen homes as these facilities offer an independent living and support services. Also, senior citizen homes are inherently social settings and thus, many residents see them as an opportunity to expand their social circle while having the comfort of their own homes. If you are planning to move to senior citizen homes, you can explore our communities in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Kanchipuram, and Puducherry. Here we discuss few tips to help you plan the move: Why do you want to move to a senior citizen home? Yard maintenance, personal security and other tasks often hold back seniors from spending their retirement years exactly how they’d like to. If you feel burdened by household chores, moving to a senior citizen home can be a good choice. Some of the features that are considered important in relocation decisions are: maintaining independence, access to medical facilities, security and community activities. Often people also look for luxury features like salon, spa, restaurants and swimming pools. If you know what features you want from senior citizen homes, it will be easy for you to find the right one. Where to live after retirement? While there are many senior citizen homes in India, it’s always a good idea to take the factors related to location into account – like the cost of living in a particular city, proximity to family and friends, weather and medical facilities. What is the cost of living? When you are planning to move to a senior citizen home, compare the amenities different communities are offering and the associated costs. Ask if the maintenance fees are payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Find out how often maintenance fees are revised and how much will it increase in the coming months. Are there on-site provisions if you fall ill? Many senior citizen homes offer a wide range of wellness services that make it easier for residents to stay healthy. However, on-site arrangements for medical emergencies is different from wellness services and is a must. Ask these questions when touring a facility, is there a doctor or a nurse available on the premises? Is there 24×7 ambulance available? Is there a panic button in rooms? If so, who responds to the calls? What does community life look like? From yoga classes and art workshops to charity work, senior citizen homes offer a variety of experiences that help residents spend their time in meaningful ways. Check the social groups and community activities when touring a facility.  

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In Chennai and Looking for Homes for Senior Citizens? Read These Useful Tips

February 12, 2021

Categories : Retirement Planning Tips

In Chennai and Looking for Homes for Senior Citizens? Read These Useful Tips

Considered a retirement haven, Chennai offers seniors a safe and secure space to spend their golden years. The city has good infrastructure, amenities and is connected to other major cities in India by air, highways, and rail. Also, the city is considered the health capital of India. So, if you are planning to enjoy a long and happy retirement in Chennai, we suggest you take a look at our senior living communities in Chennai, Serene Adinath and Serene Pushkar. Designed specifically for seniors, our communities help residents lead an independent retired life and an active social life built around the communal facilities which include clubhouse, libraries, common areas for meeting, and tracks for walking and jogging. How to select a senior citizen home in Chennai – useful tips Self- sustaining communities: When you are looking for senior citizen homes in Chennai, ensure you do not need  to venture out to look for basic services. This includes space for exercise and leisure, dining options, a library, green spaces with walking paths and entertainment areas. Banquet halls can be booked for small gatherings and private celebrations. Residents in our senior citizen homes are surrounded by ample opportunities for recreation. Greenery: Chennai is known for its hot weather but staying in a senior citizen home that has greenery and open spaces can make every day pleasant. The best senior citizen homes in Chennai such as ours have lush green surroundings, walking spaces and beautiful landscapes. Hospitals: A senior citizen home with formal tie-ups with top-rated hospitals can make sure that you get round-the-clock care without any delay. Our senior citizen homes in Chennai have partnered with some of the best hospitals in the city. While our goal is to keep our residents healthy through preventive health care, we also ensure that emergency care with 24×7 ambulance service and doctor-on-call are easily available in our communities. Safety: Chennai has consistently been on top of the safety index. However, when looking for retirement homes for yourself, safety should always be a priority. At our senior citizen homes in Chennai, the safety of our residents is in the capable hands of trained security personnel. The premises are under CCTV surveillance and there is a panic button in each dwelling unit for immediate assistance. Opportunities to socialise: When you live in our senior citizen homes, you become part of a socially active community. Our calendar of events is not merely about keeping residents busy. A lot of thought and effort go into each and every activity we offer. Our activity calendar includes activities, workshops, and outings all designed to promote social engagement and make every day meaningful. We also organise movie screenings, bhajan sessions, dance classes, and music classes. Our concierge team also helps organise pilgrimages and weekend trips. Read More – Are Senior Citizen Homes in Chennai Right for My Ageing Parents? How Senior Living Homes in Chennai Promote Positive Thinking?

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How Retirement Homes in Chennai are Turning Aging into a Happy Experience

December 20, 2020

Categories : Ageing Tips

Retirement homes in Chennai - happy experience

Life after retirement is a great time to sit back and enjoy life. The older you get the more comfortable you feel in your own skin. However, the inability to move around, feeling of social isolation and daily mundane tasks make growing old a challenging process. As one of the leading retirement homes in Chennai, we ensure our residents do not get bogged down by these challenges. Just like everything else in life, we encourage our residents to choose the power of positive thinking and turn aging into a happy experience. Age is just a number when it comes to happiness Mr. Raman (name changed), a 65-year-old professor living in a senior citizen home in Chennai says “When I stayed alone, I often neglected my health. I ate irregularly and most of the time it was the same type of food. I slept when I felt like. My health started deteriorating with each passing day. My son who stays in Canada was worried and came to visit me. He suggested that I should move to a retirement home in Chennai. At first, I was angry and did not like the suggestion. He somehow convinced me to visit one of the facilities. I must say that I was quite surprised by the well-maintained facilities and state-of-the-art amenities. I have now moved to a senior citizen home. I think it’s lovely. I love my room; the food is delicious, and the staff are wonderful. The entertainment is fantastic, and I always have fun. I have made friends in the community and always exercise with them. Before my move, I led a sedentary life. Now I live an active life with my friends. It is a great way to lift my spirit and energy levels.” Our retirement homes in Chennai provide an environment that helps our residents achieve wellness across multiple dimensions of living. A day at our retirement homes in Chennai starts with stretching exercises and then there are yoga and aerobics classes too. Evidence suggests that regular exercises not only helps you keep a tab on your waist size but also helps you stay happy, as when you exercise your, body releases feel-good hormones. Eating a nutritious diet is important as people grow old. However, eating meals alone is strongly associated with unhappiness and mental illness. When you move to a retirement home, you enjoy a variety of meals shared together as a community in the dining hall. The meals at our retirement homes in Chennai are prepared keeping in mind the age-related needs of the residents. We also have big dining halls where our residents can eat together and spend some quality time with other residents. Seniors who play games like sudoku, chess or tambola have higher levels of happiness than those who don’t. An afternoon spent playing games doesn’t just bring back childhood memories, but also helps relieve stress.  At our retirement homes in Chennai, we have good facilities for indoor games and activities. Our residents meet fellow residents for a friendly game or even a fun, competition. Chennai is one of the most favoured cities in India to settle down after retirement. The city has cultural events happening around the year and has healthcare facilities that are senior friendly. Our senior citizen homes in Chennai offer a hassle-free lifestyle by taking care of housekeeping, cooking and other mundane tasks so that our residents can enjoy their golden years doing things that they truly enjoy.

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