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Safe Driving Tips for Seniors: Curated by a Leading Retirement Community in India

August 1, 2021


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Driving gives people a sense of freedom. However, various physical issues linked to ageing can take their toll on a senior’s driving ability. As  one of the leading retirement communities in India, we have curated safe driving tips for seniors:

  • Get regular medical checkups done 

Seniors must consult a doctor to ensure they are fit to drive. They should talk with a doctor about their ailments and the medications they are currently prescribed. Seniors need to ensure that their corrective lenses are current. Also, seniors should get their hearing checked annually. If they need hearing aids, they must wear them while driving. Certain medications may have side effects such as drowsiness and nausea. Seniors should not drive after taking such medications. 

  • Mobile phones should be on silent mode </strong

Regardless of age, people get distracted by mobile phones while driving. Seniors must keep their mobile phones on silent mode to prevent distraction while  driving. In case of confusion regarding driving directions, seniors should use GPS navigation systems. However, it should be used carefully, seniors should pull over to check the GPS rather than using the phone while driving.

  • Understand physical limitations and adjust the driving schedule 

Seniors should understand their physical limitations and work around them to ensure that they are driving safely and comfortably. Those who struggle with night driving should schedule driving for daytime only. Those who are not comfortable with heavy vehicles should avoid them. 

  • Use driving aids, if needed

Certain accessories can make it easier for seniors to drive safely. Key extenders, brake, and accelerator hand controls for the steering wheel help make driving more convenient. Seniors can make use of these aids. 

  • Adjust your car

Wearing a seatbelt is a prerequisite for driving. Seniors should adjust their seat belts as per their comfort level to prevent injury and have an improved view while driving. It is also important to  adjust the mirrors for a clear view. Windows should be kept clear and clean, inside and out. Also, talking to co-passengers while driving should be limited as much as possible as it can draw their mind away from the task at hand. It is also important to ensure that the car is safe to drive in adverse weather conditions. 

  • Drive during ideal conditions

If a senior has an issue with taking left turns and the route requires multiple left turns, it is better to choose a different route. If seniors find driving at rush hours a problem, they should opt for either less busy routes or drive at a time that is convenient to them.

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