Spirituality and ageing

Spirituality and ageing: check these insights curated by one of the leading senior citizen homes in India

February 8, 2022


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“What you seek is seeking you.”

― Rumi


As people age, they not only seek physical, emotional, and intellectual wellness but also spiritual wellness. But what is spiritual wellness and why does it matter to seniors? Spiritual wellbeing means seeking life’s meaning and purpose and understanding the values, beliefs, and morals that guide your everyday actions. Many studies have found that patients who are spiritual tend to have a more positive outlook towards life than those who are not spiritually inclined. As one of the leading senior citizen homes in India, we share a few insights on activities that can help seniors practise spiritual wellness: 

  • Practise breathing exercises: Meditative breathing exercises help seniors gain awareness of the body. For many, breathing exercises are like a form of silent prayer. The practice of breathing consciously and with intent helps one calm their mind and body. 
  • Be thankful: When seniors look for positivity in everyday things, they add meaning to their lives. For many seniors, being grateful is equivalent to being in a state of bliss. Gratitude allows them to see value and virtue in everything. Keeping a gratitude journal, appreciating family, friends and others for little things, and sending thank you notes to loved ones are some simple ways to look for blessings in life. 
  • Unleash creativity: Spirituality does not have to be a religious pursuit. Creativity is a powerful force that helps a wandering mind to concentrate on a particular thing. Creativity is contemplative awareness that encourages people to pause and think about the mystery of life. Seniors can express themselves creatively through art, writing, dance, pottery, and painting. 
  • Reading spiritual literature: For many seniors, reading spiritual books is an extended part of their daily meditation session. 
  • Feel nature’s bliss: Being out in nature gives one a feeling of pure bliss. It may not be possible for seniors to walk on a beach or go on hiking trips every day. But they can appreciate what they have around them – they can walk in the park and smell the fresh cut grass, admire beautiful flowers, or listen to birds calling out to one another.

Our senior citizen homes are designed to encourage physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellness. Our senior citizen homes have green open spaces where residents can meditate, practise yoga, and enjoy quiet mornings watching flowers bloom. To know the average cost of a retirement home per month, call us at +91 88845 55554.


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