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When Should My Parents Move to Independent Senior Living Apartments?

April 15, 2021


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As people age, they often consider moving to independent senior living apartments. Earlier, the notion was that people move into senior living communities when they do not have a choice. But today more and more senior citizens are proactively moving to senior citizen homes because these communities offer an active lifestyle and a feeling of community, along with a wide range of support services and amenities. Before finding the right independent living community for your senior parents, first, determine if they are a good candidate for independent living. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Are they in good health?
    • Do they feel bored at home?
    • Are their household chores taking time away from doing what they love?
    • Do they want a socially and physically active lifestyle?
    • Are they worried about maintenance and repairs?
    • Do they feel secure in their homes?

If your elderly parents can care for themselves without assistance and wish to lead a maintenance-free lifestyle, they are the right candidates for independent living. When your parents move to a senior living community, they don’t have to worry about the following things:

    • Preparing meals: As people age, their nutritional needs change but at the same time, they find it difficult to prepare meals. Cooking and cleaning up afterwards can be tedious while eating take-out is not feasible in the long run. Residents at senior living communities get to relish well-balanced food while enjoying the company of fellow residents.
    • Home maintenance: Does the lawn need to be mowed? Is the mixer grinder in need of a repair? If your parents are tired of maintaining the house, it is a sign that they would love staying in independent living communities where housekeeping and maintenance services are offered.
    • Social life: If your parents are feeling more and more isolated and their social circle has diminished, one of the best places to make new friends is at an independent living community. Not only will your parents get to meet others of their own age, but they will also get to be a part of a thriving community where there are different activities such as exercise classes, indoor games, music classes, movie nights, lunch, and dinner outings to look forward to.


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