Creative outlets for seniors

Creative outlets for seniors: check these useful insights curated by one of the leading retirement homes in Bangalore

February 24, 2022


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“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”  — Henry David Thoreau, American author and philosopher 


By introducing creative activities into daily routine, seniors can improve their overall well-being and keep alive their sense of purpose. There are many activities that can help seniors channel their creative power into everyday life moments. As one of the leading retirement homes in Bangalore, we share a few creative outlets that can help seniors get started: 

  • Art and crafts: There is nothing like the joy of creating tangible objects with the use of hands and imagination. Painting, colouring, origami, pottery, and jewellery making are some of the activities that seniors can take part in. These activities can be done in groups or solo. At our retirement homes in Bangalore, residents take part in different creative activities and the best artwork often makes it to our monthly journals. 
  • Gardening: Seeing the beautiful colours in blooms, smelling flowers and herbs, and listening to the chirping birds are some of the perks of pursuing gardening as a hobby. Seniors can find creative expression through digging and preparing the soil, planting saplings, and tending plants. 
  • Writing: Writing encourages seniors to think of new perspectives. Also, seniors can try their hand at creative writing through imaginative stories and descriptive language. 
  • Music: A traditional hobby, music is a great creative outlet that allows seniors to express themselves. Whether it is singing, playing a song on guitar or drumming, music in all its forms is intrinsically fulfilling. Seniors who love music can join a music class or group where they can learn and practise with like-minded people.  


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