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Easy gardening tips for seniors: useful insights by one of the leading retirement homes in Bangalore

March 28, 2022


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Gardening is an enjoyable form of exercise. Gardening activities such as tilling soil, planting the seeds, and plucking the weeds out restore dexterity and strength and help seniors improve their motor skills. Besides physical benefits, gardening also offers many mental benefits. According to a study, exposure to nature through gardens and gardening activities can help seniors alleviate their stress levels and manage their emotions. As one of leading retirement homes in Bangalore, we share with you a few easy gardening tips for seniors:

  • Warm up before gardening: Doing stretching exercises before gardening reduces the chances of sore muscles. Side bends, floor touches, and arm exercises are great for preparing the body for gardening tasks – they improve your strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Make your garden senior-friendly: Use brightly colored tools so that they are easy to find. Make sure that the walking paths have anti-slip tiles and are clear and well-lit. Seek help for activities that are physically demanding.  
  • Choose low-maintenance plants: There are no two ways that gardening is a good form of exercise, but plants require constant care. You can choose low maintenance plants such as aloe vera, snake plant, spider plant, and succulents. Before planting them, evaluate local weather conditions such as brightness and humidity levels.
  • Use ergonomic gardening tools: The repeated motions involved in gardening can put strain on the joints. You can use ergonomic gardening tools with adjustable handles to avoid strain on the knees and back.

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