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How the Best Rated Senior Living Communities are Helping Meet the Social Needs of Elders?

September 23, 2020


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Mrs. Murthy, a retired professor, lives in one of the best rated senior living communities in Chennai. For her, moving to the community was the best decision she ever made. She lived in a big house with a garden and often felt quite lonely. When her sons moved to Canada, she decided the time had come for her to move to a place where she can enjoy her time pursuing new hobbies. She began her search for an easier and more manageable lifestyle in a retirement community. Today, she lives a worry-free life in a senior living community where she spends most of her time attending yoga classes and learning Carnatic music. She’s made new friends and has travelled with them to new and exciting places. She says, “I am very happy with my life here. I am travelling to different places, learning new skills and have made many friends. My grandkids who currently stay overseas love to visit me here.”

Social needs are important basic human needs, regardless of age. To address the social needs of seniors, some of the best rated senior living communities like ours are offering ample engagement opportunities to help residents enjoy a socially active lifestyle.

● Fitness clubs: One great way to help seniors make friends and stay in shape is group exercises. At our senior living communities, group exercises are held daily.

● Book clubs: At Columbia Pacific Communities, there are various book clubs where book lovers can share their reviews about books, discuss their favourite authors and stay mentally active.

● Workshops and lectures: Many seniors look forward to learning opportunities. We organise many workshops and lectures that are designed specifically for seniors who believe there is no end to learning.

Positive ageing is at the heart of our senior living communities

Read this interesting story on positive ageing by one of our residents, who retired as the General Manager at TVS Motor Company.


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