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Making the Move to Senior Living: Benefits of Making the Move and Useful Tips for Easy Transition

September 25, 2021


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Many seniors aspire to age positively. They wish to actively take part in the lives of their grandchildren, meet old friends, pursue new passions, and volunteer for a cause. Moving into an independent senior living community can make this possible. Senior living communities in India offer more than aesthetically designed apartments, they provide a vibrant community life that helps senior citizens make the most of their golden years. 


Here we share with you some of the benefits of moving into a senior living community and how can you make the transition easy:  


Some of the benefits of moving into a senior living community:

  • No worry of property upkeep: Once you move into a senior living community, you don’t have to worry about home upkeep, garden maintenance, and laundry. For instance, in our senior living communities, the maintenance team takes care of individual living spaces and common areas. We also offer periodical housekeeping and 24×7 electrical and plumbing maintenance work. 
  • New friends: Another great benefit of moving into a senior living community is finding new neighbours who can become good friends. Our senior living communities have an active social calendar. From yoga classes and music lessons to art workshops – you are sure to find a group of like-minded residents with whom you can enjoy these activities. 


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Making transitioning to senior living homes easier: 

A senior living home is a great option for retirees looking for opportunities to socialise, make new friends, and explore new interests in a safe and protected environment. However, for some people the transition from their homes to a senior living community is not an easy one. They take time to get used to the new way of life.

If you are planning to move into a senior living home in Bangalore, here are some tips to make your transition a little easier.


  • Create a routine: In new surroundings, sticking to a routine will give you a sense of normalcy. Senior living homes in India run a range of wellness activities for their residents. You can participate in these activities to socialise with like-minded residents. 
  • Invite friends and family:  Ask family members and friends to visit your ‘new home’. At our retirement homes in India, you can host dinner parties for friends and family and invite them over for movie screenings. 
  • Focus on health: Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and schedule regular meals and snack times. To make the transition phase easy, you need to make healthy choices and stick to them. 
  • Decorate your room: Your new home should be a reflection of who you are. Select a colour theme of your choice and then express it through painted walls, cushions, bed throws, and curtains. You can also keep photos of inspiring activities that you wish to do during your retirement years. Place personal items such as your favourite photos or artworks that evoke cherished memories.  

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