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Ways to Practise Gratitude This Holiday Season: Tips Curated by One of the Leading Senior Citizen Homes in Coimbatore

October 7, 2021


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Gratitude is a powerful emotion – it not only makes you feel better but also has a positive impact on your overall well-being. There is evidence to suggest that experiencing gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation tends to foster positive feelings. There is a multitude of benefits of practising gratitude every single day and the holiday season is no different. This holiday season, instead of buying materialistic things, practise gratitude to bring positivity and joy in your life. 


If you would like to experience the benefits mentioned above, why not try following some of these simple ways: 


    • Keep a gratitude journal: One of the best ways to keep track of the good things in life is to write a gratitude journal. Regularly journaling about the good things in your life can help deal with rough patches more positively.

    • Thank your loved ones: This one seems obvious, but often people are so busy in their daily grind that they forget to thank their loved ones. Make it a habit to thank someone every day. It could be a friend who helped you in tough times or someone who just helped you carry your grocery bags.

    • Notice the beauty in nature each day: Whether you live in an urban jungle or suburbs, there is something in your surroundings to make you feel grateful for the little joys of life. Every day, while you are going for a walk or running errands, just look around and thank one element in nature – it could be the trees, the birds, or even your window garden.

    • Include an act of kindness in your life each day: The best way to feel gratitude every day is to make random acts of kindness a part of your daily life. Tipping the waiter at a local restaurant, complimenting an acquaintance, buying flowers for a friend, leaving letters of encouragement for young adults or cooking a meal for someone are ways you can show kindness to others every day.

    • Partner with someone: Expressing gratitude does not have to be a solo activity. Find like-minded friends and incorporate gratitude in your day-to-day life. Some of the activities that you can do together with your friends can include serving food at a local charity, teaching children or helping at a local library.

    • Send hand-written notes or cards: One great way to make people feel special is to send them holiday greetings or cards. Writing a personal letter of thanks or sending a hand-made card can make the other person feel special.

    • Invite for lunch: Appreciation luncheons are a great way to extend gratitude. Invite your friends and family during the holidays and thank them for adding positivity to your day-to-day life. 

      Sometimes, it might be challenging to find things to be grateful for. But the mere act of searching for positive things around you can open a door to a new world and a new perspective. At our senior citizen homes in Coimbatore, you will find a myriad opportunities to practice gratitude and be more generous, kind, and helpful. 


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