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Skin Care Tips for Seniors

July 13, 2021

Categories : Senior Health Tips

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Though skin care is important from an early age, it becomes even more important later in life. As you age,  your skin starts getting thin and fragile. Though ageing is inevitable, you can take steps to take better care of your skin. Here are some skin tips for seniors curated by one of the leading retirement home facilities: Use a mild cleanser: Many typical chemical-laden cleansers are harsh on the skin, causing skin irritation and dryness. Use a gentle cleanser that does not contain harmful chemicals.  Moisturise your skin: Dry skin is common in senior adults. While there may be several reasons for this — including certain medical conditions, it is always a good idea to keep your skin moisturised using a fragrance-free moisturiser.  Keeping your skin well-hydrated helps to prevent cracking and itchiness.  Avoid the sun during peak hours:  It is a good idea to step out in the sun to get your dose of Vitamin D. However, avoid the sun during the time when sun rays are the strongest. When you step out, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Apply it 15 to 30 minutes before going out and reapply every two hours. When going out in the sun, wear a hat that shields your face.  Quit smoking: Smoking is not just bad for the lungs, it damages the skin in numerous ways. Smoking adversely affects the working of blood vessels which reduces blood flow and depletes the skin of nutrients and oxygen.  Go easy on long baths: While hot baths can be relaxing, exposure to hot water for prolonged periods of time can make your skin dry. Instead, use lukewarm water and keep bath time short.  Keep yourself hydrated and eat a  fibre-rich diet : When your body is dehydrated, your skin also starts getting dry. And the chances of developing cracks on the skin increase. It is important to drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day. Also, make sure that your diet consists of fibre-rich foods. Fruits and vegetables rich in fibre and antioxidants help protect the skin from sun damage.  Want to read more about healthy ageing? Watch this space! 

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Lifestyle Factors that Increase Your Risk of Osteoporosis

June 4, 2021

Categories : Senior Living Tips

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As you age, the bone deteriorates in composition. Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones and increases the risk of fractures. Your risk of developing osteoporosis depends on bone density, diet, physical activity and overall health.  Here are some lifestyle habits that increase the risk of developing osteoporosis:  Living a sedentary lifestyle: Bone is a living tissue which needs to maintain its strength. Getting little to no exercise can increase the risk of osteoporosis. For your bones to stay strong, you must engage in exercises such as walking, dancing, low-impact aerobics, and swimming. These exercises work on the bones and help on slowing mineral loss. Weight-bearing exercises promote balance and good posture that are beneficial for your bones.  Too much intake of salt: High salt intake has been associated with osteoporosis. Too much salt intake leads to an increased calcium excretion in urine. This negative calcium balance leads to bone loss. Many people think they don’t need to cut down their sodium intake as they don’t add extra salt to their food. However, many don’t realise that over 70% of the sodium comes from packaged and restaurant foods. To cut sodium intake, eat fresh food that doesn’t contain added salt. Read labels and choose the product with the lowest amount of sodium.  Shunning sunlight: When exposed to sunlight, the body produces vitamin D which helps to absorb the calcium needed for bone health. Just 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight gives you enough vitamin D.  Drinking too much: Heavy drinking is not good for your health, including bone health. Heavy alcohol use, especially at a young age, can significantly affect bone health and increase the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Drinking alcohol leads to an increase in hormones that damage bones. Heavy drinkers are more likely to suffer frequent fractures due to brittle bones than those who do not drink.  Smoking: Cigarette smoking is not just bad for your heart disease and lungs but also for your bones. The best thing that you should do to protect your bones is to quit smoking. Smoking reduces blood supply to the bones, slows the production of bone-forming cells and impede the absorption of salt.  As a leading senior living community in India, we encourage our residents to stay physically active. All our senior citizen housing communities have a clubhouse with facilities for indoor games and a fully equipped gym. Not just that, a senior-friendly menu is followed at our senior living homes. 

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Senior Living in India: How the landscape is changing?

October 1, 2020

Categories : Retirement Planning Tips | Senior Living Tips

When Anand’s parents broached the subject of moving to a senior citizen home, he was taken aback. He wanted them to come and stay with him. But his parents didn’t want to lose their sense of independence. He took a week’s leave and travelled to Chennai to convince his parents to change their mind. However, his parents were convinced that moving to a senior citizen home will be the best decision for them. His parents had already scheduled a tour with one of the communities and wanted him to accompany them. He unwillingly went with them but when he saw the premises, he was surprised by the state-of-the-art facilities such as a senior-friendly gym, swimming pools, restaurants, craft rooms and a well-stocked library.  After checking the premises and meeting with the team and the residents, Anand changed his mind and was happy with his parents’ decision.  Just like Anand and his parents, many people are warming up to the idea of moving to senior citizen homes. Change in perception Sending your parents to a senior citizen home in India still remains a taboo. But with retirement homes getting a facelift, senior living in India is no longer a dull and boring experience. Senior citizen homes in India like ours offer upscale housing experiences with unrivalled hospitality and facilities. From senior-friendly infrastructure to emergency care with 24*7 ambulance service – we ensure that our residents enjoy a comfortable, safe and secure lifestyle.  Senior citizen homes in India offer services like housekeeping, maintenance, power backup and security which help residents enjoy a long and happy retirement that is free from worry. At Columbia Pacific Communities, most of the day-to-day stress of home ownership and maintenance is taken care of by our supportive team. With ever-ready concierge services, residents face no problems while booking vehicles or organising trips. There are banquet services, movie screenings, hobby classes, yoga and meditation classes, community rooms and regular social gatherings to help residents achieve a sense of wellbeing and connect with their neighbours.  We believe in living life to its fullest. To know more about our senior citizen homes in India, visit here.

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