6 Fun Activities for Senior Citizens to Stay Active Physically and Mentally

Fun and recreational activities are an important aspect of the new-age senior living communities. With more and more seniors wanting to live life independently and actively, senior living communities   in India are coming up with innovative and stimulating activities. From group exercises and art classes to swimming and meditation classes – the best senior citizen homes in India like ours offer plenty of opportunities for seniors to enjoy a healthy and exciting lifestyle.   Here are a few fun activities that senior citizen homes can organise –   Dance class: Dancing is a universal form of human expression that’s known to relieve stress. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that frequent dancing improves cognitive skills. At Columbia Pacific Communities, dance classes conducted for residents help reduce feelings of isolation and boost happiness. Swimming: For active retirees, swimming is an ideal exercise. It’s not only relaxing but also has numerous health benefits. A 2016 study found that swimming can improve lung capacity. It’s also good for cardiovascular health. Research conducted on seniors suffering from insomnia found that swimming improves sleep and quality of life. Indoor games: Indoor games are fun and social ways to improve flexibility and balance. Our retirement communities have activity centers that are always buzzing with games and sporting events. Reading: Reading helps seniors stay mentally alert and in touch with the world. Our retirement homes have well-stocked libraries and reading clubs where residents can discuss and share their opinions with others. Yoga: The health benefits of yoga are numerous. It improves balance and stability and has a calming effect on the mind.  Yoga also relieves pain caused from stiff joints. At Columbia Pacific Communities, residents actively take part in yoga/pranayama exercises to improve their flexibility and overall mindset. For many residents, these classes are also a great way to make new friends. Art classes: From watercolor and acrylic painting to sketching – pursuing art can open one’s eyes to unseen possibilities. It also helps seniors improve their fine motor skills. Many senior citizen homes in India conduct regular art classes where residents create  art in a group and find an enjoyable way to connect with others.      

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Amenities You Can Expect at The Best Rated Senior Living Communities

Designed to help seniors enjoy a lifestyle based on independence, wellbeing and active living, the best rated senior living communities like ours offer a bouquet of services. Let’s take a brief look at some of the services and amenities you can expect at the best senior living communities- ● Housekeeping services: To help you enjoy doing the things you love, we take care of all your housekeeping needs, be it cleaning or property upkeep. From daily cleaning and mopping to fixing a leaky faucet – all your housekeeping and property maintenance needs are handled by our trained team. To address any maintenance or breakdown issues, our team is available 24X7, on the premises. ● Concierge: Whether you want to plan a weekend trip or catch the latest movie at your favourite theater, our concierge team will not only help you hire vehicles but also book tickets. ● Food and Beverage: At Columbia Pacific Communities, food is an experience. Our menu offers flavorsome meals prepared fresh by our chefs. You’ll find a variety of choices on the menu which is designed after taking inputs from our residents. Our premium senior living community in Bangalore has multiple dining options, including restaurants, a beverage station and nutrition centre. ● Swimming pools: Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and improve flexibility. For our residents, we have swimming pools in select senior living communities where they can swim some laps and spend quality time with other residents. ● Fitness studio: To help our residents stay active and fit, we have gyms equipped with cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Our fitness programs are designed by experienced instructors and physiotherapists. ● Movie screenings: We have movie screenings so that our residents can catch up on the latest blockbusters and revisit the classics. The Virtuoso Club and Serviced Residences, our senior living community in Bangalore, has a theatre as well as an outdoor area for movie screenings. We encourage you to visit our senior living communities. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your personal tour.

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Checklist: Selecting Premium Retirement Homes in India

Leading premium retirement homes in India like ours are dedicated to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of new age retirees. With facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, bistros, lounges with chef-prepared meals and a spa – premium retirement homes in India operate like five-star resorts that radiate homely vibes. If you are planning to move into a premium retirement home in India, here is a checklist that will help you narrow down your choices – Amenities: Many premium retirement communities in India are ensuring that their retirement homes have upscale amenities that one can expect to find in a five-star resort or hotel. Designed to provide the residents with a dynamic, fun-loving, maintenance-free lifestyle, many premium retirement home communities like ours offer concierge services, maintenance support to handle electrical and plumbing work and supervised staff for household chores like dusting and mopping. With a fully-equipped geriatric gym, air-conditioned library, sprawling courtyards and multi-purpose hall for parties – our premium retirement home in Bangalore promotes a sense of community and belonging. Dining: Gone are the days when dining options at retirement homes were associated with bland and tasteless food. Nowadays, trained chefs and dieticians are hired to ensure that delicious and healthy food is served at retirement communities. Food preferences of residents are taken into account when the menus are designed. At Columbia Pacific Communities, there are regular review meetings between the food and beverage team and residents to ensure that the team accommodates all the special needs of the residents due to dietary restrictions or health concerns. Premium services: There are little luxuries that make premium retirement home facilities like ours welcoming. We understand that for some people, it is not just a new home they are seeking, but a whole new approach to life. Our premium retirement communities in Bangalore have been meticulously designed to create a place of well-being that nurtures one’s body, mind and spirit. From beautiful landscaped gardens and yoga decks to spa and massage services – our community is committed to making every day meaningful and fun for our residents. Privacy, dignity, respect and independence are at the heart of our services and we seek frequent feedback from our residents to ensure that we get every single detail right.

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Checklist: Selecting The Best Rated Senior Living Communities

best rated senior living community

Retirement is an exciting phase of life that many look forward to. As you age, you may plan to move into a senior citizen living community. With children and grandchildren busy with their own schedule, spending time in open spaces among people your own age and doing things you love the most are some of the perks of staying in senior living communities. While there are so many choices, it’s important to do your homework and choose one that is among the best rated senior living communities in India. Here is a checklist that will help you select the senior living community that meets your needs: The right level of health care: When it comes to selecting a senior living community, perhaps the most important factor is the kind of health care that is provided. Many best rated senior living communities like ours provide screening, assessment, and consultation from visiting doctors. There is a dedicated 24×7 ambulance service on the premises. There is round-the-clock care from qualified nurses. Medical records are maintained and kept in-house to help with your diet and wellness plans. For us, your health is top priority which is why we have partnered with the nearest hospitals for all your health needs. 24×7 security: The very idea of buying a retirement cottage in the mountains sounds good but not practical. With age, the need for security increases. Look for secure senior living communities. The best rated senior living communities encourage keeping security as unobtrusive as possible to offer a home-like atmosphere and yet maintaining a secure environment for the residents. At our senior living communities, we use cutting-edge technology to keep safety, security and privacy of our residents uncompromised. Amenities: Though amenities vary from one community to another, it is important to ensure that the ones you need the most are available. Housekeeping, laundry and concierge are some of the basic facilities that the best rated senior living communities provide. At our senior living communities, we offer spacious outdoor areas, gym equipped with state-of-the-art cardiovascular and strength-training equipment, aerobics, and a calm yoga deck, libraries, games and movie theatres. You can host a private screening of your favourite movie, host parties and more in our banquet halls. There are business centres where you can hold meetings. Recreational activities: From activities focussing on physical fitness to organising daily activities, most senior living communities have a busy activity calendar. Educational lectures and workshops, physical activities such as yoga and fitness classes, music concerts and movie screenings are some of the regular activities that we conduct.

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Empathy is The Key to Help Senior Citizens Enjoy Their Life to The Fullest at Retirement Homes

With empathy-centered services that contribute to greater independence and foster a sense of community, senior citizen homes in Columbia Pacific Communities encourage residents to live the retirement life they have always dreamt of. Check out our senior citizen homes in India here. We are committed to helping our residents pursue enriching and fulfilling lives surrounded by respect, dignity, happiness and an exceptional standard of care. Let’s take a sneak peek into how we leverage the power of empathy to stay true to our commitment- Age-friendly communities: Empathy has played a crucial role in the design and development of Columbia Pacific Communities. At our retirement homes in India, attention to the smallest detail has been paid to ensure that our residents live in a safe and comfortable environment. With senior-friendly features like non-slip vitrified tiles and handrails in bathrooms and common areas like swimming pools and jogging tracks – our senior citizen homes provide a setting where residents feel comfortable and safe. The rooms are designed to allow wheelchair access. There is a panic button in each independent apartment. Our premium retirement home in Bangalore is compliant with the NBC (National Building Code) standards for accessible housing as well as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act 1990) guidelines for structure and facilities. Maintenance-free lifestyle: We understand that household chores like mopping, cooking and property maintenance can stop seniors from enjoying their golden years of retirement. Moving into our senior citizen homes, can help them enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle. They don’t have to worry about home repairs – be it a leaky faucet or a broken switch, our 24X7 maintenance team will take care of it. Cleaning of apartments is done daily, and residents can also ask for customised housekeeping help for specific tasks. From housekeeping to the care and support team, all our team members are trained to the highest standard. Your suggestions in dining options: We make sure that the food served in our dining halls is not just nutritious but also delicious. Our food and beverage team and dieticians work with the residents to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. We change our menus regularly so that our residents enjoy tasty and balanced meals created with their preferences in mind.

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Forever Young: How to Host Super Fun Birthday Parties at Retirement Homes?

Retirement homes and birthday parties? Aren’t retirement homes supposed to be grey and lifeless? If you thought so, then let us first dispel a few myths, retirement homes are not old age homes. From hosting movie screenings and music concerts to wellness workshops – today’s retirement homes in India help you stay young at heart. Now let’s look at some interesting ideas to help you host a memorable birthday party. Host a dinner or luncheon: A simple birthday luncheon or dinner feels delightfully wonderful. Having your favourite people around you while relishing your favourite delicacies is a great way to count your candles and blessings. Many retirement homes like ours offer banquet service to help you host a grand party or dinner. Our banquet halls are spacious enough for you to enjoy dining there with your friends and family. For special occasions, we can design the menu as per your preferences. Decorating the banquet hall with streamers, balloons and birthday decor items will make your birthday bash super fun. Host a movie screening of your favourite movie: If you are a movie buff, then celebrate your love for cinema on your special day. You can design your invites to look like movie tickets. Have your guests dress up as their favourite movie characters or just catch the latest blockbuster on the big screen at your retirement home. At our retirement home facilities, we can help you host movie screenings of blockbusters as well as classics so that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Follow the movie up with a nice lunch or dinner. Plan a birthday outing: Visit a museum or a monument, go to your favourite restaurant, attend a music concert, throw an amazing birthday picnic or plan a birthday getaway, there is a lot you can do on your special day. If you are worried about booking tickets and arranging vehicles, many retirement home facilities, including ours, have concierge services for residents. We help you hire vehicles for your impromptu trips. We also provide booking assistance. Fun games equal fun parties: Who said indoor games are only for kids’ birthday parties? To ensure everyone is laughing, engaged, and entertained, host indoor games. Treasure hunt, ping pong, musical hoops, and karaoke can liven up any birthday party. If you’re worried about organising these fun parties, trained and dedicated staff at our senior living communities can help you with this and a lot more. We hope we have given you enough ideas for your birthday bash and you must now be eagerly waiting to blow out the candles and unwrap the gifts.

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Fostering Friendships in a Community Living Facility

For many seniors, moving to a community living can be emotionally difficult, leaving old friends behind and starting over in a new place. We understand that any change in your living situation is bound to stress you and make you anxious, hence it’s important to give yourself time and space to cope with change. Once you move to a community living facility, take your time to adjust to the new environment but at the same time don’t feel shy to interact with others. If you are moving into a community living facility, here’s what you can do to make new friends: Spend more time in common areas: Instead of going back to your apartment or villa, spend more time in common areas where you can find people with common interests. There are many ways you can occupy yourself in a community living facility like ours. You can participate in indoor and outdoor games and other activities throughout the day that will give you ample opportunities to strike a conversation and foster new friendships. Attend events: When you’re moving in, look at the social calendars and see if you fancy anything. Many assisted living facilities like ours realise that making friends in a new place can be difficult. Hence we organise events that are developed keeping in mind the needs and interests of our residents. You will find one or the other activity of your interest. At our community living facility, we organise music concerts, lectures, and workshops that are fun and informative. These places provide you with ways to identify common grounds with other residents. It’s better to catch up with a movie screening with others rather than watching it alone in your apartment. Break bread together: Food plays a very important role when it comes to fostering friendship. Sharing a meal with others is the easiest way to interact with them and get to know them. Sitting with new people and eating with them can go a long way in developing relationships. At our community living facility, we have spacious dining halls where you can enjoy relaxed meals. Finding new friends while eating will make your meals fun. Those of you who feel like ordering in can have the meals delivered to the doorstep. Some luxury community living facilities also have a beverage station with juicers, smoothie makers and coffee machines so that you can indulge in your favorite beverage while enjoying with your friends. Join a fitness class: Joining an exercise class can be a great way to meet people and get to know them better. Exercising is a common interest that everybody loves to talk about. Besides sharing workout tips, there is a lot that you can talk about while exercising. There is one added benefit in this; when you have someone to exercise with, you are more likely to stick to commitment and schedule. At our community living facilities, we offer yoga classes and other physical activities designed by our physiotherapists that will help you stay healthy and yet meet new people. We offer a variety of opportunities for seniors to stay involved in their community, including music concerts and movie screenings. We hope you find the above-mentioned tips handy when you are moving into a community living facility.

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How are Retirement Communities in India Helping Seniors Fight Loneliness?

Mrs Sujatha Reddy, a 60-year-old, lost her husband 6 months ago. Her children, settled abroad, tried to convince her to move in with them but Mrs Reddy didn’t want to leave Coimbatore. Not only was she feeling increasingly lonely but also finding it difficult to manage the house with the housemaid taking leaves every now and then. Worried about their mother, her children came to India and tried to help her. They thought moving to a retirement community rather than living alone in a large house full of memories would make this tough time easier for their mother. They discussed this with her and made an appointment with one of the senior living retirement homes in Coimbatore. After their visit and meeting few of the residents, Mrs Reddy was convinced of moving into a retirement home. Now she has made friends and participates in different social events. Her kids too have peace of mind knowing that she is in a very safe environment with someone available 24 hours a day, should an emergency arise. Just like Mrs.Reddy, to fight loneliness, many seniors are moving into retirement homes in India that are designed to offer the elderly a sense of community, independence and security. Leading retirement communities in India like ours have a real community feeling where seniors interact with fellow residents, make new friendships and have necessary support to participate in different activities. Let’s take a brief look at how senior living retirement homes like ours are helping residents fight loneliness: Keeping seniors physically active: Many retirement communities in India have made exercises as a part of the daily routine. A day at senior living retirement homes in Columbia Pacific Communities starts with physical activities done under the guidance of the trained physiotherapist. Yoga classes and meditation exercises are conducted to rejuvenate the mind. Organising community events: For many retirement homes in india like ours, activities form a core part of the care plan for the residents. Gardening, dancing, singing and board games are some of the activities that are enjoyed by the residents and give them a sense of camaraderie. Movie screenings, bhajans, birthday celebrations, and various festivals are celebrated at our senior living retirement homes. Recently, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we organised a virtual contest that saw huge participation from the residents. People participated in handicraft, painting, instrumental, group vocal and dance. The event was streamed live. Helping seniors stay in touch with friends and family: An active social life can have many physical and mental benefits. It can be difficult to be socially active when you are practising social distancing. We encourage our residents to get in touch with their family and friends through social media and video chats. Those who need assistance doing this are provided with all the help. We focus on helping our residents lead an active lifestyle from the outset. We organise wellness activities and events which match individual and group interests. We do not believe in the stereotypical retirement life. To know more about how our communities promote positive ageing, visit here.

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