The charm of the unspoken

Serene Indus Valley resident Sujatha Sathiamurthy writes about her fascination for poetry as a medium of expression. “Poetry truly transcends limits – be it time, space, circumstances, even reason. And yet it is so appealing. The more abstract the content, the more we can relate to it. What a paradox!”

Birthday musings

Serene Urbana resident Dr A. Sreekumar Menon pens down his thoughts on how birthday is a day for reflection.

The sound of music

Serene Urbana resident Dr Rajaram writes that music is omnipresent and therapeutic. “In 1961 students and faculty at Annamalai University studied the effect of music on paddy fields. They found out that the fields exposed to Nagaswaram music of Rajaratnam Pillai every morning grew faster and better over a period of four months.”

Listening Vs Reading

Serene Urbana resident Dr A. Sreekumar Menon writes, “There are limitations to learning by listening when compared to learning by reading. Our mind can grasp much faster than we can speak; there is always idle time for the mind to wander while the spoken words get imprinted on it.”


Serene Pelican resident Uma Maheshwari expresses her love for nature and laments the destruction that humanity has brought upon it.

Interesting facts on Cricket

Serene Adinath resident Dr A Sankaranarayanan shares this compilation of interesting facts on cricket.

Unsung war heroes

Serene Pelican resident Anna Mohan pays a tribute to the heroes of war with his thoughtful poem.


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